Innovation for all

Sell your car yourself. Earn thousands more.

With the award-winning technology and simple user experience Blinker has created, we make it easy for people to sell their car themselves. And with no fees and no middlemen, they earn thousands more versus trade ­in.

    Listing a car

    Easiest interface on the planet*

    Simply snap a photo of a car or enter a plate number, and Blinker will instantly pull up every detail about it – including estimated value – so users can post it for sale in seconds.

    Verified buyers

    Private party is no longer a sketchy party

    We verify the email address and driver’s license of every buyer on Blinker – so our users can sell their car themselves with a little more peace of mind.


    Still got a loan? No problem.

    With Blinker, people can sell their car to another individual even if they’re still making payments. We pay off their loan and deposit any remaining balance from the sale back to their bank account.

    Earn $2k more

    On average, sellers using Blinker have earned $2,067 more than dealer trade-in. Thank you, technology.**

    * We can not prove this statement is true - but we know it’s pretty darn easy to use.

    ** Average earnings figures derived from actual Blinker transactions between January 1, 2018 and July 31, 2018