The future is now

A bank and dealership in your pocket

With our award-winning mobile app, Blinker makes the entire transaction process – from financing to paperwork to payment – simpler and safer than ever.


    Less paper, less work.

    With Blinker, everything is signed electronically – including loan documents and Bill of Sale – and we provide digital copies for customer records.


    Loan terms on your buyer’s terms

    Blinker puts buyers in control of their financing. That means they choose their monthly payment, adjust their terms in real time, purchase ancillary products such as warranty and gap insurance, and sign to complete transactions. No platform offers a more seamless process than this.


    Send money securely

    No more cash or checks. Transact through Blinker and all funds are securely handled right through our platform.

    The People: 1
    The Man: 0

    When customers buy or sell a car using Blinker technology, they do every step themselves right through our platform – saving them serious time and money.